Kilvrough Trip - Blog 2

2nd April 2019


We woke up tired, but excited for the day ahead. Before we knew it, we were having cereal and piping hot bacon rolls for breakfast. It was yummy! We had a briefing in the lounge with Sam, a member of staff at Kilvrough. He talked about the weather forecast for the day and advised us of what to do. After that we departed to our dormitories and got ready for the intense day ahead!

All kitted up – in the latest caving fashion – Group D and C set off on the hour journey to Porth yr Ogof (the cave). Everyone chatted on the way, while Ed struggled to keep Qasim awake! After a quick stop for lunch, we entered the damp, dark cave. Our first challenge – we shuffled through a small tight “Mousehole”. Lots of us were anxious about doing something this new, but we encouraged and supported each other through the task.  By the time Mr. Haywood had finished, he had officially decided to give up Pringles at home!

Following this came: the Letterbox, in which we all successfully posted each other through; Dead Man’s Ledge, which speaks for itself; the Toothpaste Tube and the Washing Machine, to name just a few!

Everyone supported each other through the challenging day, and by the time our eyes saw daylight, we all felt a massive sense of achievement. We were all ready to demolish our chicken curry and cheesecake! Another delicious meal. Refuelled – we enjoyed a night walk down to the coast via a ruined castle!

Our beds are calling us!

By  Eleanor and Leo.