Parents' Information Evenings

Each term we run an evening aimed at informing parents about some of the aspects of school for their children. We try to make these interesting as useful and informative as possible with a key part of them being how you can help your child at home. 
Over the course of the last two years we have run evenings on the following topics
  • Phonics in EYFS and Key Stage 1 (annual evening)
  • Statutory Assessment (annual evening)
  • Maths Workshop - a guide to the formal written methods
  • Writing Workshop - how children are asked to compose writing and the support they are given to do so
  • Moving from Secure to Greater Depth - An evening looking at the differences in expectations at Greater Depth and how parents can support their children in thinking differently to move towards working at Greater Depth. 
As well as this we also run shorter workshops for parents of Reception children so they can effectively help their children at home. 
Some feedback from our recent sessions:
Good information and examples used to understand how my children need to approach 'Greater Depth'. Good motivational stories to feed back to them as well.
Good for parents to hear about the importance of practice and how to remind children they can be amazing at something with practice. Very valuable. 
Very useful to understand how different types of writing are taught and how to build a story.
Very enlightening session made much more impactful by parent involvement. Prosecco prize was a fun touch!