Primary Science Quality Mark

The school was awarded PSQM Gilt Award in July 2021! You can find the portfolio of work submitted as evidence at the bottom of this page.
As part of our work towards this, staff and pupils have contributed towards our Science vision which was launched in January 2020. 
Our aim is that children become more independent in finding out about and understanding the world they live in, through their time at Bledlow Ridge School. To do that, they need to gain experience across the range of inquiry types - observation over time, grouping & classifying, noticing patterns, research, comparative and fair testing - to develop their skills in working scientifically and have increasing opportunities to make decisions within their investigating so the children can solve problems, raise further questions and gain a deeper understanding.
To share this with the children we have developed our Active Scientists statements:
Active Scientists...
Investigate - we ask our own questions and can think of ways to find evidence and suggest answers.
Make links - we know that Science is everywhere and can see it across our learning.
Discuss - we share and value each other's ideas.
Interested and engaged - we take part, work together and contribute.
Expect the unexpected - we might not get the answer we thought, but know that is OK and it can help us. 
Make informed choices - we use our experience and knowledge to choose the best way forward.
Want to know more - we are curious to find out what might happen next asking 'What if...?'
At home, families can help their children by giving them opportunities to help with cooking, growing plants, spending time outdoors, taking part in sports, making things and visiting different places. Talking about what the children see and notice encourages them to make links between what they do in school and everyday real life.