Primary Science Quality Mark

The school was awarded PSQM Gilt Award in July 2021! You can find the portfolio of work submitted as evidence at the bottom of this page.
We are now preparing to submit for re-accreditation in March 2024 at Outreach Award level, which also includes helping develop science education in other schools/community groups. 
As part of our work towards this, staff and pupils have contributed towards our Science vision which was launched in January 2020. 
To share this with the children we have developed our Active Scientists statements:
Our vision is to see "Curious, confident children who use what they have learnt to find out more about the world".
To share this aim with our children and help them understand how they are developing, we have produced these statements:

We are curious in Science when we …

  • want to know more, asking “What if…?”
  • ask our own questions, think of ways to find evidence and suggest answers.
  • use our experiences and knowledge to choose the best way forward.
  • recognise that unexpected answers can help us learn.
  • notice science in the world around us.  
  • make links between what we’ve learnt and how we can contribute positive change.
We are confident in Science when we …
  • share and value each other’s ideas with respect.
  • take part, work together with empathy and contribute.
At home, families can help their children by giving them opportunities to help with cooking, growing plants, spending time outdoors, taking part in sports, making things and visiting different places. Talking about what the children see and notice encourages them to make links between what they do in school and everyday real life.