Primary PE & Sports Premium


Total amount allocated:                                                                                                           £8645


Areas funded:

Specialist teaching provision for Years R, 3, 4, 5 and 6 through Premier Sport:                             £6,585

In school hockey coaching and free to pupils after school club from Griffin Sport                          £2,295

Training for teaching Swimming   (3 members of staff)                                                             £277.50

Transport to Swimming                                                                                                           £660

Sports Equipment (Netball, football and bibs)                                                                          £266.91


Total Spending                                                                                                                     £10,084


Impact on Children 

The majority of Sports Premium funding was invested in specialist teaching for children in Years R, 3, 4 and 5. This allowed Premier Sports to come into school and give continuity and skilled teaching that would not have been achievable using class teachers. This equality first teaching in PE will have had a direct impact on the standards that the children have reached in PE by the end of the academic year 2016/17. We were able to utilise specialist teachings in Dance in particular to ensure the highest quality of provision that engaged both boys and girls throughout the topic. Gymnastics and Invasion Games were also taught to a very high standard.

Through using Premier Sport for lessons children were also able to access the before and after school clubs (although these were parent funded). Children indirectly accessed gymnastics (KS1), archery (Y1-6) and a multisport (Y1 and 2) club through the investment in Premier Sports.

The school report produced by Premier Sports at the end of the Spring Term 2017 highlighted the following successes:

  •       41% of children attended a Premier Sport run club
  •       94% of children achieved the required level of competency or above
  •       94% of children achieved the required level of being Active and Healthy or above
  •       93% of children achieved the required level of being a reflective learner or above
  •       87% of children achieved the required level of discipline or above

We were able to invest in training three members of staff in teaching swimming. This will enable us to work in smaller and more focussed ability groups in the next academic year which will mean on increase in outcomes for pupils. This also removes our dependency on using local pool staff who vary from week to week therefore increasing a consistency of teacher and quality of teaching for the children in their lessons.

Sports Premium funding also enabled us to be able to take the children swimming at the pool and time of choice leading to good facilities.

Hockey coaching proved successful once again in Years 3 and 4 and in wider Key Stage 2 for the after-school club. This club was offered free of charge for the parents. As a result of attending hockey clubs at Bledlow Ridge at least 6 children have started attending training with Wycombe Hockey Club and many children were given the opportunity to receive quality coaching in a sport they may not have experienced before.

New bibs and balls were also purchased to enable the running of an after-school netball club. This is the first time such a club has run in 3 years.

Action for next year (proposed funding £14,000):

Continue all current provision as in 2016/17 and

  • Increase the amount of Premier Sport clubs that are run free of charge for parents (begin with archery as this is open to the most pupils)
  • Release teachers to be able to attend Premier Sport sessions to increase their own CPD in PE and therefore give a sustainability to the improved quality first teaching Premier Sports offer.
  • Explore using Sports Premium funding for projects regarding mental health and wellbeing.