Our Aims and School Development Plan

Designated Safeguarding Lead is Natasha Harrison (Headteacher) and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead is Gemma Grimaldi (Year 1 teacher and English Leader) 

What are the school's aims?

Our school values underpin the curriculum design at Bledlow Ridge School, additionally, our curriculum offers children a wide variety of experiences, skills and knowledge. These allow them to thrive during their time at our school, and as they move onto further stages of education. 

Our aims are for pupils at Bledlow Ridge School:

  • to reach their potential academically and physically and socially
  • to have the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life
  • to remember more of what they have learnt, transferring key knowledge to long-term memory and apply it fluently.
  • to be confident and self-motivated children who recognise their self-worth.
  • to have the skills to be independent in their learning.
  • to develop and demonstrate of our six school values - curiosity, resilience, health, empathy, respect and confidence
  • to instil a sense of worth and pride in their own, and others, achievements.

Our School Values, developed with the staff, children and governors (in September 2022), underpin our curriculum intent. They are displayed in every classroom and referred to during whole school and class assemblies. Certificates, which are presented in Achievement Assembly, are given to pupils who have demonstrated these values in class and around school. We expect the children to work hard to show these in and out of school. 

In order to achieve these aims we will:

  • Provide a stimulating learning environment, which combined with effective teaching, enables pupils to achieve their potential in all areas of the curriculum.
  • Deliver a broad, balanced, relevant and accessible curriculum in line with the demands of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the National Curriculum; and offer a wide variety of extra-curricular activities.
  • Encourage pupils to live out our school values.
  • Value and nurture the unique contribution each pupil makes to the school community.
  • Recognise individual talent and celebrate effort as well as achievement.
  • Encourage pupils to take responsibility, be caring and show initiative.
  • Provide for pupils’ physical and emotional wellbeing in a safe, secure and healthy environment.
  • Liaise closely and effectively with all stakeholders.
  • Maintain and promote a positive partnership between pupils, parents and the school, ensuring good lines of communication.
  • Ensure effective ongoing professional development of all staff.
  • Encourage the involvement of the wider community to enrich the life of the school.