Our Vision, Aims and Bledlow Ridge School Values

Why choose Bledlow Ridge School? 

Underpinning all that we do at Bledlow Ridge School are our school values: curiosity, resilience, health, empathy, respect and confidence. Our aim, as Bledlow Ridge School staff, is to embed these core values in all of our pupils to support them during their time at Bledlow Ridge School but also to prepare them for their future lives.

Our pupils also take advantage of our truly wonderful geographical location. Regular outdoor learning sessions enable our pupils to bring their learning to life, taking advantage of our grounds and our wonderful village to enrich their science, geography and literacy lessons (to name just a few). Year 5 and 6 pupils regularly work with the Chiltern Rangers to look after the natural habitats in our local area. 


Our Vision at Bledlow Ridge School

Building the foundations for a love of learning

Our Aims are for pupils at Bledlow Ridge School to:

Embody our School Values

Our Vision and Aims are underpinned by our six core values

curiosity, resilience, health, empathy, respect and confidence