Ofsted Report

Our last Inspection was in July 2010, and we were again judged to be an outstanding school.  Here are just a few of the comments from the extremely favourable Ofsted report:

“Bledlow Ridge is an outstanding school. The really special feature of the school is that it has sustained its high expectations of the pupils and staff over many years.”

“The excellent curriculum, the high quality of care, guidance and support and pupils’ high personal motivation are at the heart of the pupils’ success.”

“Pupils’ awareness of healthy lifestyles, their contribution to the school and local community and the preparation for their future lives are all outstanding and they have high attendance. Their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is excellent.”

“Pupils of all ages at Bledlow Ridge genuinely enjoy learning and feel very safe in the school. They have the personal space to develop their undoubted talents because of their confidence in their teachers. Pupils’ willingness to look out for others and their sense of fair play were demonstrated clearly during sports day. ‘Everyone around the school is cheerful, including teachers. We care for each other and we all take responsibility for sorting problems,’ commented the articulate and mature school council members.”

“The quality of learning and progress in lessons is regularly outstanding because pupils are genuinely eager to learn. Pupils’ motivation to learn is high and this underpins their very good progress.”

“Pupils behave outstandingly well, get on together and are exceptionally enthusiastic about engaging in the many opportunities to take on responsibilities. Older pupils are particularly proud of their roles as junior road safety officers and as helpers in the ‘Huff Puff’ play scheme. Younger pupils act as safe play helpers and monitors in class, and also participate in the all-year school council. All year groups report feeling very safe in school and have an excellent understanding of how to stay healthy.”

“Sport is a high priority as is diet, highlighted for the pupils through the Healthy Schools award. All pupils are very proud of their school and generally help to ensure that every individual, including the most vulnerable, can share in their activities. This is reflected in high attendance and excellent punctuality.”

“An ethos of high expectations permeates the school and this is reflected in imaginative classroom environments which are enriched by exciting displays that catch the pupils’ interests and often lead to independent research.”

“The excellent curriculum is also a major factor in the sustained high performance of the pupils, as is the high quality of care guidance and support. Cross-curricular links are particularly strong, enabling pupils to apply their basic skills in a range of exciting contexts.”

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