Parents' Views of the School

Our most recent Parent Survey was undertaken in June 2018. The headline results of this are available below. A more detailed analysis and responses to individual comments will follow shortly.
The results confirm that the vast majority of parents are very pleased with what the school offers, but also give us some important points to consider as we move forwards. The responses and some of the issues raised in the survey will form part of our School Development plan for 2018/19.
Below are some comments received in response to the question "What do you like best about Bledlow Ridge School?"

“The teaching and academic standard, the high degree of community spirit, most importantly the well-rounded pupils who are a testament to the overall quality of the school output.” 

“There is a good mix of sports, music and academic work, and a lovely range of clubs for them to take part in.”

“The care shown by the staff for all the children and the culture created of the children looking out each other.”

“It is small school with a sense of belonging at school. It feels safe and children taking care of each other. It is a positive school.”

“The atmosphere at the school is friendly and welcoming, which encourages the children to want to go to school to learn every day.”

“The recognition that the happiness and wellbeing of the children, both physical and emotional, has an impact on their learning and development.”