Parents' Views of the School

Our most recent Parent Survey was undertaken in October 2022. The headline results of this are available below. 
There are so many positive responses in most areas of the questionnaire and the vast majority of parents are very happy with what the school provides.
100% of parents who took part in the survey would recommend Bledlow Ridge School to another parent 
Thank you to all parents who took time to complete the survey. In the Spring Term 2023, I will be holding workshops for parents where I will be sharing the results from the parent survey in more depth and communicating how we have acted towards development points suggested.
Below are some comments received in response to the question
“What are the areas of strength of the school?”
“Strong leadership, quality teachers, very responsive and helpful with requests and a genuine caring and confident manner with the children. Their well-being is taken seriously, and the academic levels achieved as a result of such a positive environment are extremely good.”
“Good ethos. Children are polite and well behaved. Good support from parents. Small school where all children know each other fosters good relationships between all year groups.”
“Really happy to have my children at this school. Highly rated.”
“Thank you for providing our children with a safe, kind, supportive environment where they are happy.”
“Bledlow Ridge is a wonderful, small school and we are very lucky to have it. Our kids have a wholesome start to their academic lives here and we should do everything we can to protect it and develop it.”
“Thanks for being such a brilliant school!”
“Small class sizes, good communication, good extra-curricular activities. Staff with drive, experience for tailored learning and good awareness of child psychology. Strong community.”
“Great communication. Wrap around care offer. Outdoor facilities. Such a strong community feel.”
“The community feel, the values and the way in which children are encouraged to embody them and the leadership.”
“Inclusive, open and approachable staff, good outdoor space, connected to community.”
“Strong community, pupil empowerment, new leadership and focus, BRSA, a safe and encouraging environment, the behaviour of the children”
“Provides rich and interesting lessons across a wide range of topics.”
“Lovely community and great fund-raising events!”
“Promotes good behaviour”
“The community and educational expectations”
“Small and friendly, it’s a very warm community”
“Staff are very caring and friendly”
“Safe, nurturing environment with a number of excellent, engaging teachers”
“Great teachers, intimate friendly setting and safe environment”
“It is a small, friendly community school. Engaging activities planned for the children”
“Focus on Education and well-being"