Key Stage SAT Results

The government will not publish KS2 school level data for the 2021 to 2022 academic year. They have archived data from the 2018 to 2019 academic year because they recognise that the data from that year may no longer reflect current performance.

2019 Results

Due to COVID 19, 2020 and 2021 statutory assessments were cancelled so these are results from 2019.

Whilst we do have very high academic standards, we see this as only part of the picture. We aim to provide an education that caters for the whole child rather than focusing solely on academic achievement.

The quality of care, guidance and support provided by the school is extremely important to us and we place a very high emphasis on safeguarding the welfare and nurturing the personal development of each pupil. Therefore we ask you not to judge us just on our academic results, but also on whether our pupils feel safe and enjoy coming to school; and whether they are becoming confident, caring and responsible young people, well prepared for the future.

In Early Years Foundation Stage, 83% of pupils reached a Good Level of Development, compared with 72% nationally (2018 figure). The Average Point Score this year was 38.5, compared with a national figure of 34.6 (2018 figure)

In the 2019 Year 1 Phonics Check 68% of children achieved the expected standard of 32/40. Although this is a decrease on previous years, we expect the level of children achieving the expected standard to rise back to our average value of around 90% in the coming academic year.

The most recent reported Phonics assessment of children was the Year 2 children who took the check in October 2020. These children had missed their Year 1 phonics check. 90% of these children reached the expected standard or higher, compared with a national average of 78%. In 2021, 88% of Y2 children taking the test in the Autumn term reached the expected standard. 

Pupils in Year 2 are assessed against the Key Stage 1 Interim Assessment Framework and given a teacher assessment as to whether they are working towards the expected standard have reached the expected standard or are working at greater depth. These are judged by the percentage of children who reached the expected standard or were working at greater depth. National figures are not yet available for comparison.

These teacher assessment results for were:

School %
Expected Standard
National %
Expected Standard
School % 
At Greater Depth
County % 
At Greater Depth
Reading 79 75 29 26
Writing 75 70 21 16
Maths 75 76 25 22

In Key Stage 2 the children undertook formal examinations in Reading, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar and Maths, following the same scaled score model as in Key Stage 1. Writing was teacher assessed against the Key Stage 2 Interim Framework and children were either working towards the expected level, working at the expected level to working at greater depth. 

School %
Expected Standard
National %
Expected Standard 2018
Reading 95 75
Writing (Teacher Assessment) 91 78
Maths 91 76
Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation 86 59
Writing and Maths
86 64

Children were awarded a 'high' attainment score if they achieved a scaled score over 110. The percentages of children achieving this score at Bledlow Ridge School in 2019 were:

School %
Greater Depth
National %
Greater Depth (2018)
Reading 68 28
Writing 36 20
Maths 41 24
Reading, Writing and Maths 27 10

The average scaled score in each subject is detailed below. 


School Average

Scaled Score

National Average

Scaled Score




108 104
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling
110 106
Progress in Reading was 3.7, Writing 0.2 and Maths 0.0. The national average for progress is 0.0 in all subjects. 
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