Kilvrough Trip - Blog 1

1st April 2019


Today we arrived at Kilvrough manor after a long and tiresome coach journey. We were all very excited as soon as we entered Wales and were even more excited when we got there. 

First of all, we were sorted into our dorm groups which were named after places in Wales. Once we had unpacked and made our beds, we went outside to be sorted out into our activity groups, then our two group leaders (Sam and Piers) took us to do some team building activities. First for Sam’s group was ‘pipemania’, where we had to get a tennis ball from one side of the yard to another through a piece of drainpipe, but if you had the ball in your pipe, you could only tilt your pipe (not move it in any other way). 

After that, we had some free time, where we could either go outside or stay in our dorms. One thing that went on outside, was a football match between Bledlow Ridge and another school from Oxfordshire; luckily we thrashed them 5 – 3!

After a delicious dinner (pasta and bolognaise), we did an evening activity on the grounds. We had to complete a quiz about objects on the grounds. There were two quizzes with multiple stages and we all enjoyed finding the answers (and some of us being scared by Mr. Haywood jumping out at us!)

To end the day, we came down to the dining room and enjoyed a steaming mug of hot chocolate, now we are heading to bed!


Written by Rachael and Ben